TailBlaze is a widely recognized Premium Pet Brand in India and International Markets. CEO and  Founder Manaal Maniyar, started the Company in July 2022, after leaving his successful career in India’s Silicon Valley. His life completely changed when he got his first paw-kid Einstein (Labrador) home. The entry of Einstein started adding a lot of meaning to his life and unearthed a huge problem in the Pet-nutrition industry. This led him to follow ‘his calling’ and start-out TailBlaze with his co-founder and paw-kid Einstein Entreprador (Entrepreneur + Labrador). In a short period of time, TailBlaze caused a sensation in the market by quickly gaining popularity for its premium and completely organic range of dog-food and treats. The buzz even found its way to the trend setters; famous Bollywood actors and Cricketers. The Brand won 4 National and International Awards for its commitment to innovation and ingenuity. Founder and CEO Manaal, was  featured in The Business Mint 30 under 30 Rising and Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India’23.

Manaal felt unsettled to know that “51% of the pet-dogs across the Globe were unhealthy, obese, and prone to deadly diseases like cancer. 90% of this problem was attributed to improper diets and lifestyles. It was established that the commercial foods and treats being sold out there were nothing but ‘glorified junk’, all thanks to the relaxed industry norms.”

TailBlaze at its core stands for Organic, Raw and Non- Artificial (No preservatives, toxins, or synthetics) resulting in something that every parent likes to give to their kids. Dogs are devouring Tail Blaze’s food which is perfect for nutritional needs. This brings the greatest satisfaction to TailBlaze.The team at TailBlaze takes immense pride in nurturing this new Era with love and innovation. TailBlaze now exports its products to the USA, Europe, Canada, Thailand, and Middle-East markets. The team which is already 50+ members strong has also recently set-up 3 manufacturing-units across Bengaluru, Surat and Kanpur  in India. All the products of the Brand are made in these facilities only after a lot of R&D.

TailBlaze has recently launched 3 more brands under the Leadership of their New Co-Founder, Madamé Curie (A beautiful ShihTzu), namely – TailBlaze GroomVroom, TailBlaze Pawssentials, and TailBlaze FreeStyle. The team unearthed that not only diets, but lack of exercise among pets is leading to a lot of premature health issues. The aforementioned brands are trying to solve pet-parents’ challenges associated with taking their pets out for exercise.

GroomVroom flaunts more than 100 products in its portfolio of pet-grooming products inspired by Ayurveda + Patented Modern Science Actives. Pawssentials on the other hand, is about Luxury Essentials for pets which include – Deodorizing Essential, Anti Tick Flea Essential, Anti-Anxiety Essential, to name a few. FreeStyle is inspired by the Indian craftsmanship to flaunt a range of beautiful accessories such as collars, harnesses, and leashes which give the pet-babies a lot of Freedom to s-Wag!

It’s time to make a billion tails-blazing across the Globe. It’s time to TailBlaze!

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