“The Greatness of a Nation Can Be Judged By the Way Its Animals are Treated.” – Mahatma Gandhi

By Karma Foundation

What is the origin of stray cats and dogs? Why is their population growing so rapidly? Why should humans be responsible for their wellbeing?

These are the questions, each individual needs to know the answer to and that defines our existence!

Dogs and Cats were domesticated and bred by humans 1000s of years ago for hunting, protection, keeping pests away etc. As time and technology progressed, need of these domesticated cats and dogs diminished leading to their abandonment.

These abandoned stray dogs and cats were able to scavenge for food due to improper waste management in the country; because of this there was abundant food available in garbage dumps. Moreover, owing to their ability to reproduce very quickly, their population increased multifold.

Humans are responsible for domestication and population explosion of these stray cats & dogs and hence it is the responsibility of humans to control their population humanely and take care of their needs.

Karma Foundation is a charitable trust that works towards welfare of stray animals. It was incepted on January 12, 2018 and is based in Pune. Currently, our setup is spread across 14000 Sq ft with a capacity of providing IPD (In-Patient Department) service to 150 cats & dogs and OPD (Out Patient Department) service to 500 cats & dogs per month.

Currently, we provide the following services:

ANIMAL RESCUE – Karma Foundation provides IPD & OPD services to stray animals free of cost. We are proud of the fact that we have state of the art medical facility with the latest diagnostic, surgical, medical tools, and medicines. All animals that are brought in for treatment to our hospital are attended to under the guidance of our team of highly experienced veterinary doctors.

ANIMAL ADOPTIONS/RE-HOMING – Being a medical facility, we do not shelter healthy animals. We truly believe that once recovered it’s best for the animal if it is placed back into its area/habitat. However, in some cases, the recovered animal is unfit to survive in its habitat or does not have any area/habitat of its own (Abandoned Pets). Under such circumstances, we work towards getting such animals adopted or re-home them into animal sanctuaries.

ANIMAL STERILIZATION (ANIMAL BIRTH CONTROL) – Controlling the growing population of stray cats and dogs is the need of the hour. It reduces conflicts between humans and animals thereby leading to less suffering. Sterilization is the only humane way to control their population. We actively sterilize all animals that are admitted under our care and offer subsidized sterilization services to other institutions and individuals.

TRAINING PROGRAMS – We truly believe that “In teaching others, we teach ourselves”. We conduct regular training programs for animal volunteers, veterinary doctors, and animal handlers.

RESEARCH WORK – Learning should never and never stop! We are constantly working towards upgrading our medicine protocols and equipment, and are coming up with innovative techniques to treat life threatening illnesses that animals suffer from. We are in constant touch with researchers from across the globe to guide us and better our protocols and practices.

VACCINATION & FEEDING DRIVES – We conduct regular Rabies vaccination drives across Pune City & PCMC. Rabies is a zoonotic disease that is fatal for all animals and humans. It is utmost important to make the city and country Rabies free. The best way to do that is vaccinate as many animals as possible against Rabies.

Hunger does not differentiate; we conduct feeding drives when necessary to ensure that animals in the city do not die due to hunger.  

 We are proud of the fact that in a short period of 3 years we have achieved the following:

  • Rescued, Rehabilitated, and provided treatment to 20000+ animals.
  • Sterilized 10000+ animals.
  • Vaccinated 20000+ animals against rabies.
  • Provided 5 Lac+ meals during the recent COVID-19 lockdown.

Since all animals that come to Karma Foundation require medical assistance / Surgery / Intensive Care, our spend per animal is much higher than a conventional shelter that spends only on boarding expenses of animals. 60% of the total cases handled by Karma Foundation require Surgery. The average cost of surgery varies from 2000–10000 at the Foundation, whereas these same surgeries at a private veterinary clinic would cost between 15000 and 45000, which is unaffordable for any rescuer / volunteer / passer-by. Please put this text in a box and you can place it anywhere in the layout as you deem fit.

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