In the realm of hygiene and wellness, Core Clean Pvt Ltd shines as an unparalleled leader, driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. Operating under three distinctive brands – Core Clean, Pet Clean, and Pet Living – the company has emerged as a beacon of quality in the global market, with a presence in more than 18 countries worldwide.

The genesis of our enterprise traces back to 2020, when our visionary founder, Mr. Yash Gupta, returned to India from his academic pursuits in the United States amid the backdrop of the global COVID-19 pandemic. In the face of pressing sanitation challenges, Mr. Gupta recognized a critical need for effective solutions. Armed with samples of disinfectant wipes demonstrating the potential to streamline and elevate cleaning practices, he embarked on a mission to make a tangible difference in public health.

What truly sets Core Clean Pvt Ltd apart is its relentless pursuit of innovation. Our research and development team continuously pushes the boundaries of possibility, pioneering groundbreaking solutions for both pets and humans alike. From advanced cleaning agents to revolutionary pet care products, we remain at the forefront of innovation, delivering results that consistently exceed expectations

Pet Clean, another esteemed brand within the Core Clean Pvt Ltd portfolio, is devoted to the well-being of our beloved pets. With a profound understanding of the bond between humans and animals, our Pet Clean brand offers innovative grooming products, pet care essentials, and nutritional supplements that enhance the health and happiness of pets everywhere.

Pet Living, the third brand under the Core Clean Pvt Ltd umbrella, epitomizes luxury and comfort for pets. From designer pet beds to stylish accessories, Pet Living products combine aesthetics with functionality, enriching the living experience for both pets and their owners.

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to sustainability and ethical standards. At every phase of production, from responsibly sourced raw materials to conscientious packaging design, we prioritize environmental conservation. Through embracing sustainable practices and minimizing our carbon footprint, we are spearheading the movement towards a more eco-conscious and healthier future for generations to follow.

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