Experience the transformative power of PetYum – a visionary pet food brand dedicated to holistic well-being and animal welfare. Founded by Neelabh Upadhyay in 2019, our plant-powered products, inspired by Ayurveda and enriched with healing Bhasma, nourish dogs’ vitality and promote balance.

Welcome to PetYum, where nature’s wisdom meets modern innovation, and our mission is to nourish the spirits and ignite the vitality of every pet we serve. Founded in 2019 by the compassionate visionary, Neelabh Upadhyay, PetYum’s journey is deeply rooted in a powerful commitment to animal welfare. 

Prior to starting PetYum, Neelabh demonstrated unwavering dedication to the welfare of stray animals. From 2016 to 2022, he along with his PetYum Ambassadors actively collaborated with various NGOs, passionately working to provide aid and care for stray animals in need. With an unyielding belief that no one should sleep hungry, including our furry friends, Neelabh spearheaded initiatives to ensure the well-being of these animals, making a lasting impact on their lives.

This profound experience fuelled the realisation that something more could be done to help animals beyond their immediate needs. Recognizing that existing competitive brands were often exorbitantly priced, Neelabh was inspired to create a brand that could provide nourishing food for all pets at a reasonable cost with utmost quality & products that are beneficial for enhancing pets immunity for the mass market consumers.

 Thus, in 2021, PetYum was born – a visionary brand built on a foundation of compassion and a commitment to making quality nutrition accessible to all dogs. Guided by the wisdom of Ayurveda, a centuries-old holistic system, and a devotion to a plant-powered diet, PetYum’s products are carefully formulated to support dogs’ overall health and vitality.

Over years’ pet food segment has seen quite a tremendous growth in industry size wise, also its observed that Pet owners increasing concern on pet welfare aspire them for healthier food products even with an on-cost. The industry is expected to see an unbelievable transformation in next 5 years with per capita spend of almost 2 times of what it is now for pet food products. It presents an excellent opportunity to PetYum to offer products with differentiating benefits. At the heart of our unique approach lies the use of Ayurvedic bhasma – revered for its healing properties. By incorporating Bhasma, along with natural herbs, into our products, we unlock nature’s secrets to promote balance and well-being in our canine companions. PetYum’s plant-based products offer numerous health benefits, providing dogs with a diet that is lower in saturated fats, yet rich in essential nutrients for their optimal health.

With each meal, we honor the legacy of our founder’s philanthropy, ensuring that every bowl contributes to the well-being of not only pets but also stray animals in need. PetYum is not just a brand; it is a reflection of Neelabh’s profound commitment to helping animals, a journey that continues to inspire our purpose and vision.

At PetYum, we believe that true well-being extends beyond profit margins; it encompasses compassion, sustainability, and a responsibility to care for those who cannot repay us. With each wagging tail and satisfied belly, we continue to embrace the values that set us apart, creating a positive impact on the lives of dogs and the world they call home.

We invite you to join us in this meaningful pursuit, where nature’s best meets a compassionate heart – and together, we will continue to unleash the true potential of our beloved canine companions.

Neelabh Updahyay, CEO, PetYum, Pets Love is Pure Love

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