In conversation with Dr. Ikshit Sharma, Director, Aimil Pharmaceuticals India Ltd, he draws insights into Aimil’s pioneering work in animal healthcare, highlighting its range of solutions, commitment to science, and strategic prioritization of research and development efforts across therapeutic segments like urology, orthopaedics, and neurology.

Question- What types of healthcare issues in animals does your service address, and how does your robust research background support this endeavour? 

We address a wide range of health issues in animals, like urinary disorders & kidney diseases, liver problems, skin & coat conditions including wound healing, digestive and respiratory ailments as well as mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Moreover, the ageing population of pets is also bringing about new challenges and opportunities in the pet care industry, necessitating innovative approaches to address their evolving health needs. By continuously advancing our understanding of animal physiology, disease mechanisms, and treatment modalities, we are able to provide cutting-edge solutions and personalised care to meet the diverse needs of animals.

Question- How has your commitment to science and technology in Ayurveda influenced your global presence in the pet market? 

The pet industry is a major global sector and the expenditure on pet health is growing alongside the wider sector as well. The global market for pet health products is projected at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.2% from 2021 to 2028. Our unwavering dedication to advancing science and technology has enhanced our trustworthiness within the pet industry, enabling us to broaden our reach into fresh geographical areas and customer segments, for example, Mauritius global supply. By embracing modern scientific advancements while staying true to the principles of Ayurveda, we’ve been able to offer innovative and effective solutions for pet health and wellness globally.

Question- What therapeutic categories do you attend to and how do you balance traditional knowledge with modern pharmaceutical practices in these areas?

Medicine access is reported as an issue for 75 % of veterinary associations globally. We attend to various therapeutic categories to address the diverse healthcare needs of animals. Our range of products includes NEERI KFT for kidney conditions, AMLYCURE DS for liver ailments, AMYDIO FORTE & ZYMNET for gastric issues, JUFEX FORTE for respiratory disorders, as well as formulations for addressing mineral deficiencies, wound care, bone health, skin care, stress management, and boosting compromised immunity. These therapeutic products are designed & developed from the highest quality plants 

& extracts that are not only safe and efficacious but also prevent recurrence. We also prioritize evidence-based medicine, incorporating scientific research and clinical studies to guide our treatment protocols and product formulations.

Question-  Aimil’s involvement in various therapeutic segments such as urology, orthopaedics and neurology. How does the company prioritize its research and development efforts across diverse areas?

 Our R&D efforts are guided by long-term strategic goals, with a focus on introducing significant innovations as it is predicted that 75 million pets may not have access to care by 2030. We meticulously analyse market demand and growth prospects within each therapeutic field. Additionally, we assess emerging technologies and scientific breakthroughs in these sectors, where innovative solutions can lead to significant advancements. 

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