While surfing through Netflix I chanced upon this documentary series Dogs. The topic was interested and I clicked to find out more about it and was fascinated by what I saw and thought it was worth a mention just in case some of you have missed it. These are stories about unconditional love between humans and dogs.

The first one I watched was called Much Ado About Blue and about Butler University. This was the first on Season two but 7th in the series of stories. Butler University’s beloved mascot is an aging English bulldog named Trip. In the series we see Trip facing retirement Just as his long time handler must go a risky surgery. It is a very touching story and shows how the students in the campus love Trip and the care and importance Trip is given specially during the matches. It is a very unique relationship indeed.

Butler Universityis a private university in Indianapolis, Indiana in the US. The Butler’s athletic team is known as Bulldogs and that is how Trip became the popular mascot of all the matches held there. It was a great honour for Trip as well as the college watching history in football, basketball and other championships.

Dogs which was released in November 2018 has two seasons with the first having 6 stories and the second 4 as of now. The series continues. The series by Glen Zipper is around 44 to 54mins each more or less but each minute is captivating. They are stories from different cultures around the globe with just one common theme of love and compassion for dogs.

What was striking about this episode I watched was how a time came when the dogs had to retire after their lifetime and yet they were given the due love and respect by all and making sure that after their retirement they spend time with the family and kids and lead a regular life till the end. The bonds are very strong and the excitement Trip brought into the playfield was wonderful to watch.

It just brought to my mind the fact that if countries like Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada and few others were able to integrate dogs into the academic career why not us. If schools and colleges opened up to the idea and adopted a few pets it could generate a more compassionate world around them. As children and dogs take a natural liking towards each other it would be lessons beyond regular classes with the message of love quietly flowing in. In the context of our country it might be difficult to execute but one can always find a way to integrate it in the system. In fact I would have loved to have a pet in my school, college or office. It would completely change the environment and make the world a better place.

As for the other stories in the episodes are different and open a new line of thought. Dogs on Netflix is something to watch and experience. It opens your heart wider for these beautiful ones who add so much more meaning to our lives.

Piu Sur

Media Educator, Documentary film maker


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