India’s first holistic pet care brand, Wiggles continues to drive innovation and growth across categories with its problem-solving approach, backed by strong R&D. Built upon a strong purpose and moving a step closer to becoming #PartnersInPethood, for pet parents, Wiggles has launched its vet-approved, plant based  Wiggles Kids and Pets Safe Floor Cleaner, marking the brand’s foray into the home care product category. With the launch of its first home care product, Wiggles reinforces its commitment to building a 360-degree ecosystem that caters to the physical, emotional and social well-being of pets in a transparent and trustworthy manner.

Speaking on diversifying its product range, AnushkaIyer, Founder and CEO, Wiggles, said “At Wiggles, we are constantly innovating to offer safe and effective solutions that address the growing needs and concerns of pet parents across India. It is our endeavour to build a holistic range of products and services and become a one-stop-shop for all your pet’s needs. With pet adoptions on the rise, the market in India is in the midst of a very exciting phase with numerous need-gaps; it is young and evolving with ample opportunities for a brand like ours that is deeply rooted in science backed innovation & deep consumer insights. ”

“Despite the rising awareness related to pet parenting, fundamental challenges continue to exist. Incidentally, we discovered that a significant number of pet parents that consult us for their pets’ skin related ailments are unaware of the fact that this is a result of harsh chemicals in the form of detergents, cleaners, air fresheners, etc that are common household items. Our floor cleaner is a result of this basic need of pet parents to keep their pets safe, within their homes. It is safe, plant based, 100% natural & highly effective in repelling ticks & fleas. We will continue to address such critical needs of pets and their parents and push the boundaries of innovation in pet-care.” concluded Iyer on the launch of the new product. 

The Wiggles Kids and Pets Safe Floor Cleaner marries ancient Indian methods of home cleaning with modern science. The floor cleaner is based on a natural composition consisting of plant-based ingredients like vegetable oil, natural surfactants and essential oils like Neem, Tulsi, Lemongrass, Lavender and Clove, thus keeping the floor surface free from bacteria and fungi. It’s 100% natural formulation, cleans without chemicals and harsh detergents and leaves behind a fresh lemongrass scent that repels ticks, and fleas. 

Keeping the needs and concerns of pet parents in mind, Wiggles will soon expand its product range with other pets & kids safe homecare solutions.  The Wiggles Pets and Kids Safe Floor Cleaner is currently available on the website, leading e-commerce platforms as well as in pet and retail stores across India at a price of Rs. 399 for 500 ml. 

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