In an interview with Ms. Richa Aggarwal, Co-Founder, Wiggly Tails, we got insights about this pet grooming company an their views on the changing pet industury trends

1. Tell us something about Wiggly Tails?

Whenever someone asks me what Wiggly Tails is, the closest reference I am able to quote is Zomato. What Zomato does for food, we do for pet grooming services. Convenience of pet grooming at your doorstep just a call away.

2. What inspired you or motivated you to start a pet service like Wiggly Tails?

The idea stuck to us from the need that we witnessed in Dubai. My husband and I were living in Dubai for 3 years for Business. We saw 

that a few of our friends had pets. When you raise a pet it’s like raising your own child. You want to do the best for it, just like your own family member. But in this fast-moving world, getting time to take care of your pet is really difficult. Hence, we thought of how we can improve this experience. Thereafter, we shifted to India. But our aim was still the same- to improve the customer delight for the pets and their parents. I wouldn’t say that we are the first ones to start this, but definitely we are more focused towards giving a personalized touch to our services.

3. What do you think about the Indian Pet Industry? Is it a booming Industry? What are the factors which are helping the Pet industry to grow in India?

India is a developing country. We are growing at decent pace right now and as the per-capita income and spending power of population is increasing, people start spending more on things other than necessities. Pet Industry is not explored in India as compared to the extent it is in developed nations. But definitely, it is also gaining pace in India because of the factors such as a larger youth population and psychological needs of people for close and comfortable companionship. Indian Pet industry will be the biggest Pet industry in the world in next 10 years with the pace that it growing at. In last 5 years I would say the customer awareness has increased multiple folds because of social media as well. E-tailing is the most convinient thing for people in the current era.  Indian pet industry has a turn-over of Crore of rupees and is going to be the biggest market for pet related services and products.

4. What are the changes which you have observed from the start till now?

It’s too early to comment on this as it has only been 7 months that we have started Wiggly Tails, but what I feel is that pet owners are getting more educated about the concept of grooming, with players like Us entering the space.

5. What do you think about foreign companies now trying to enter the Indian Market?

In terms of pet products, yes there are a couple of companies which have already entered the Indian market and they have been doing really good, since there is no strong competition from any local Indian product. But grooming space specifically is unexplored for Indian and Foreign companies in India. Though, we are sure that with Urbanisation and Westernisation increasing, people will start investing on pet grooming too. European & American markets too had this phase a couple of years back that we are experiencing right now. Be it grooming, products, tech they have had it all. Pet industry can never reach saturation point anywhere in the world as there is a lot to this industry which is still being explored in developed countries too.

A lot of young crowd which is on social media is looking at the way pets are being treated abroad and similarly the service providers are also getting new ideas, Hence I would say internet is playing major role of educating people.