Well, 2020 has taken a toll on everyone, and I consider myself to be really lucky because I have cooper in my life. I don’t know how people without pets are spending their lock down! Cooper has been a constant companion for me and my family throughout this difficult period. Since he’s just 1.5 years currently, we never expected him to turn out so mature and naughty at the same time, based on the environment of our house. He has never stopped entertaining us with his goofiness (like stealing socks, tissue rolls, foot mats) during our highs and always being a silent supporter and cheerer during our lows. I never realized that it’s been almost a year, considering that with him in the house time flies by! He’s the best thing that has happened to us and we are really grateful to have this furball in our house. SWATHI RAJAN

2020 might have been or rather is still a difficult year to digest, but yes as a family of 3 we could spend more time with each other, understand each other. We tried animal communication for the first time and saw the three of us gel better.

Newton loves to go for walks and rides but unfortunately due to the pandemic he was a li’l suppressed inside 4 walls, so we learnt new games, we cuddled for the first time and slept, we saw him enjoy the rains rather his first rains, he’s learnt so much and taught us so much that I think it was very necessary to have like a lockdown to just join those missing pieces of conversations.” – LAXMI IYER

It wasn’t that I would not spend time with my dogs Tiger and Simba before, but the rollercoaster that has been the unforgettable year 2020, it has only contributed in bringing us closer and helping us establish a stronger bond. With no excuse whatsoever, I began investing 100% of my energy and time in performing the rituals of dogs, which has now become a lifestyle – studying and understanding dog behaviour (from ohmydog.rocks) and being the leader of our pack. All of this also contributes immensely in my stray dogs feeding ritual, which goes on in an assertive and calm manner. In trying to be calm for dogs, I am learning it from them, every day. By doing what the dogs need as opposed to what I need of or from them, I have earned their love and respect. We are happier, and we keep getting better, together.” – SARIKA PATKOTWAR

2020 was never a boring and stressful year for me unlike what I heard from many people. The only reason is because Jimeru and her babies were always beside me. Instead, 2020 was a year where I spent maximum time with my cat family. She is our shining star who filled our life with happiness, peace, and most importantly a meaning to our life. She is the reason I started caring for stray animals and became a stray feeder and rescuer. We even celebrated Jimeru’s babies’ birthday together… Thank you Jimeru for coming in our life and making it brighter!!!” – SNEHAL KATKAR

2020 was a year of several unforeseen, unexpected events, which impacted relationships on all levels. My two boys, Caesar and Oscar, got used to Daddy’s company in the lockdown. However, my work didn’t stop – the only thing difficult for them to fathom was why I didn’t immediately cuddle them when I was back from the hospital, but rushed to the bathroom to clean up. I’d often find two dejected faces waiting outside the bathroom door when I opened it! But good boys that they are, they understood and got used to the change in routine, and embraced it gracefully. Both of us incorporated a fitness regime into our lives this year, which the boys too were a part of. They hijack our yoga mats and demand cuddles in the middle of a particularly sweaty session of squats and lunges!

2020 taught us to be thankful for the little things in life! It taught us to never take things for granted, and to hold on to those dear to us. And if anything, we love our boys even more! We’re grateful for their presence in our lives, which made every day easier to deal with, through sickness, trials, and tribulations. They brought us closer as a family, and made us realize how lucky we are to be alive, well and so full of love!” – DR. MANASI NARALKAR

Because of Oscar, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more!

He is my therapy cat. Having Oski in my life has helped me deal with my anxiety issues and has kept me sane during the pandemic. He’s the one who fuels me up to keep moving forward and understand the fact that ‘ITS OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY AT TIMES’ and this is how you roll on with life. Basically he’s THE CAT BOSS teaching me the best in life.

Like …NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS IN LIFE: Don’t like the cat bed? Don’t use it. Don’t like the food? Don’t eat it. Eventually you will get what you want. End of the story” – SHIFA KAZI

2020 has been full of Surprises. We had plan of visiting different places each month starting from Dec 2019 but after pandemic outbreak we were forced to sit at home. Toffiee and candy got to see me every day. And I am sure they were very happy about it. We started doing exercise together, spending more time together. Every time was cuddle and play time.

We used to go to Cubbon Park, Bangalore every Sunday and meet their friends but after 3–4 months we all started missing that ritual. Always sitting at home and following same routine, we started getting bored! I started playing mental stimulation games for them, playing fetch and hide n sick with them.

We learnt a lot of things during this time – one of them is surely how dependent and inseparable we are. If we can fight this Covid time then we can fight any difficulties. I am fortunate that they are my partnersJ” – SHREYA SONAWANE 

She is what her name is, an Angel. When I count my blessings, I count her twice. We’ve been each other’s partner in crime ever since lockdown started, whether it’s breaking stuff at our house or hogging onto food or sleeping the day long, we’ve been through it all. The feeling of joy that she expressed when we spent all our days with her was overwhelming!! We admire her and love her. Our bond has only been increasing and our love keeps getting deeper. No matter how bad my day or mood is, she always makes it right by her wagging tail, jumps, and sloppy kisses. We enjoy each other’s company and together we are like double troubleJ” – NISHKA RATHOD

I so wish I’d see Mommy all day long and chill around with me! Oh and, I’d love to have my cute li’l sisso (Mommy’s tiny niece) around too!” – wished Ginger. Poof! Wish granted!

Because more the merrier… having the fam jam around, Ginger’s been all the more enthused and says it’s all PAWSOME! ❤

My little niece is Ginger’s best friend. Together we play dress up, teacher-teacher, cooking, go out shopping riding our magical unicorn and host some tea parties too! Sounds fun, right?

What’s more? Festivities have been extra special and the first time Ginger celebrated Bhau Beej and Rakshabandhan too! We even celebrated Ginger’s second pawsome Pawjama-themed birthday pawrty!! Ginger got it all – cuddles, pawsome gifts, cake, treats, and everything he loves! He’s anyway a pampered brat but this time, it doubled because we had the entire family together and few buddies over Zoom!” – UTKARSHA VITEKAR

2020 has been a strange year – tiring, emotionally exhausting, stressed out & also a lot to be thankful for! With the lockdown, things were absolutely haphazard. Work from home to work for home, managing the pets, each other & our mental health was a difficult task.

Also when we actually got a hold of it, our lives changed… I lost my husband and our world crashing down… But thanks to my girls – Ginger & Cookie, I was better!

They made sure they looked after me well… Instead of me managing them, they managed me & made me stronger… Without them, I don’t know how I would have survived this. Sometimes I really don’t understand how they can know, what you want & give you that love in abundance… They really are angels in disguise and we don’t deserve them at all…

Home – as they say, is where the heart is…❤   There’s my heart & then there’re My Girls… I’m not sure if there is a difference between the twoJ 

Thanks for making my life so much better by being in it… And just so you know, we have a guardian angel up there… Always looking & protecting us.” – ANUSHA DESHPANDE PATIL

Last year in Nov 2019, I shifted to Mumbai for my job. My baby Perrie is 5 year old and never have I left her for one day in all these years. So it was very difficult for me in Mumbai without her as my world used to revolve around her. I came back to my hometown in March for holi, and then lockdown happened. For me it was best in its own way because I could spend all my day with Perrie.

Our morning starts together and while I work she is my constant support throughout the day. She has made WFH so much easier. Her constant belly rubbing sessions, all the tantrums that she throws, her puppy eyes asking her everything I grab to eat, has my heart. 

Earlier while I was in college, I could only spend 4–5 hours with her but now 24×7 it’s all about her. This has increased our communication and understanding to a new level. All these months have turned out to be a blessing for us both as it has only made our bond stronger. And I keep wishing for WFH extension so I could be with her.” – MADHVI MATHUR

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