By Dr Anshula*

A vet will look at the dog’s ear canal with the help of an otoscope to determine if the eardrum is intact or if anything is present in the ear canal that could be the cause of the infection. The doctor will probably also take a sample of material from in and around the ear for examination under the microscope. It is essential to know whether yeast, bacteria, or both cause the infection.

If your dog has a yeast infection in the outer ear canal, the vet might prescribe a topical antifungal cream or ointment. Miconazole and ketoconazole are two antifungal medicines that effectively treat yeast ear infections in dogs.

An infection of the middle ear is treated with systemic medications, which include tablets or injections; after that, several tests, and even surgery may be needed. It usually takes up to six weeks for the infection to go away.

A vet might ask for a full cleaning of the dog’s ear canal. Special cleansers and ear-drying solutions can be used if the problem is chronic.

Home Remedies for Dogs to Prevent Yeast Dermatitis and Ear Infections

Here are some of the home remedies that you can do to begin to get your dog’s yeasty ears under control, such as:

  • Completely dry your pup after a bath.
  • Cleaning your dog’s ears of dirt regularly with the help of a clean cloth or cotton ball is easy.
  • Feeding your dog a healthy diet full of protein and other nutrients
  • Grooming a dog is a regular hygiene routine that removes dead skin and dirt.
  • Removal of Processed Foods: Start by removing processed foods from your dog’s diet, as yeast thrives on carbohydrates and sugar.
  • A diet rich in whole foods should be provided: A whole food is the best edible thing for a dog with yeast issues. Stay away from carbohydrates and starches that feed yeast.
  • Foods and supplements that fight yeast should be added: Include these foods or supplements in your dog’s diet to fight yeast:
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory and help to reduce overall inflammation.
  • Garlic helps break down yeast colonies
  • Probiotics: They promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the dog’s digestive tract.
  • Digestive enzymes: They help break down biofilms and fibres that form a protective shell around the yeast.
  • Saccharomyces boulardii is a type of yeast that helps stop other yeasts from spreading in your dog.
  • Olive leaf is an antifungal herb.
  • Remove Toxins: Pesticides, herbicides, drugs, and low-quality food and water should be avoided in the diet. Heavy metals and toxins build up in dogs, causing disruption in their gut health and allowing yeast to thrive.
  • Strengthen the dog’s gut: The gut of the dog should be strengthened, as any imbalance in the gut can cause food intolerances and can lead to dog ear yeast infections.

If a dog has a yeast infection of the ear, it means his immune system needs help. A healthy gut leads to overall health, as about 90% of your dog’s immune system lives in his gut.

  • Using Apple Cider Vinegar to Rinse Your Dog: The first step in managing a skin yeast infection is getting rid of the itch. Apple cider vinegar is the best solution for fungus infections in dogs, especially if your dog enjoys swimming. Apply diluted apple cider vinegar directly to your dog’s coat and massage it all over his body. Apple cider vinegar stops yeast overgrowth as it helps restore your pet’s healthy pH levels.
  • Dogs should not be fed Yeast: Yeast exists in two forms in your dog’s body. It is a dimorphic organism that can exist as a benign, single-celled organism, or it can sometimes grow out of control and become harmful. The best way to stop the growth of yeast in your dog’s gut is by removing carbohydrates and sugar from your dog’s diet.
  • Apply a coconut oil mixture to the yeasty area: After the itch is under control, you can start working on your dog’s affected skin parts. One of the best home-made solutions is massaging the affected area with a coconut oil mixture at least once a week. Melt about 8 oz of coconut oil in a small bottle and add about ten drops of lavender oil and two drops of lemon essential oil. Shake it properly, and then apply it to the affected skin part of your dog. This mixture can be stored in a safe place for months, and you can apply it to your dog every week.
  • Reduce the amount of heavy metals your dog consumes: Yeast has a high affinity for many heavy metals, especially mercury. Free radicals are generated by these heavy metals and can cause severe health problems. The body cannot remove them on its own; these metals tend to pile up over time. A large amount of heavy metals like chromium, cadmium, mercury, lead, and arsenic can be quite toxic to your dog.

Yeast can bind to heavy metals and stop them from getting into the dog’s system. However, heavy metals can reduce the population of competing bacteria, resulting in the outgrowth of yeast. Therefore, to stop yeast infection in dogs, reduce the number of heavy metals it consumes. Heavy metals can be reduced by doing the following:

  • Feeding low-quality fish oil or fish-based diets to the dog should be avoided
  • Fluoridated water should not be given to the pet
  • Organic food should be fed to the dog

Finally, one can remove the heavy metals left in your dog’s gut by giving him food containing chlorella and sulfur. Sulfur can bind to heavy metals and lower the oxidative damage done by these heavy metals in the organs of the dog’s body.

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