The past few months have seen a collective rise in excitement for pet parents in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad. Just Dogs, India’s favorite pet retail store got a whole lotta tails wagging with some amazing events that enthralled pets and their parents alike.

That our furry friends love to socialize is no secret. So when it comes to socials, Just Dogs showed us just how it is done and so much of it! Ahmedabad felt extremely paw-sitive too as Just Dogs collaborated with the  25th edition of the very popular  Weekend Window, a flea thronged by lakhs of revelers. However, this time, with our special pet zone and several other engaging pet events, it became a treat for pets and their parents. Almost 500 + dogs participated over 3-days in this event and boy! It was a delight!

One could hear the popular dialogue from Dangal with a twist- “Maro doggy kam hai ke?,” as our furry four-legged babies participated in the special Doggo Olympics! With the parents and onlookers cheering, the doggys ran delightfully and strutted to get their gold medals.

In Bengaluru, the 8th of May saw a lot of tails wagging and smiles galore where almost 300+ Dogs participated in The Fur Festival at Indiranagar Club. The event also had a special cause and aimed at our paw-fect furry friends to get a forever home.  Conducted by an NGO named “Indie Tales of Hope,” there was a special fashion show that was organized which received a  lot of “aws” and helped dogs find their human. Conducted with the sole intention of enabling the adoption of strays, the event saw Just Dogs pledging 2 months of free pet food supplies to those who adopted, thereby winning many hearts.

This was an excellent opportunity for lil kids and others to spend time with the dogs and get to know them better. Several had the look of- Can I have them too- as they petted and played with these fur-balls. Anand Patel, a visitor who came in with his family said “I think we will become pet parents soon. Seeing how fun these delightful creatures are, I want my children to have them around in their childhood.”

What was really interesting was the fact that the famous idiom- fight like cats and dogs seemed to have been bitten by irony as what we saw was a party like cats and dogs. Yes, along with dogs, several cats were present at the event and it was a collective meow and woof to how much fun it was.

For some visitors, this event became life-changing too. How? They had therapy dogs named Sky and Snow who graced the event while there was a talk on the role that dogs play in our mental health. Shikha Vaidya, a single mom visiting the event, was moved to tears as she said- “I grew up with a dog and all I can say is that she was my BFF. Now, I think it’s time for me to get a BFF for my son and grow our family by four legs. Here is to Just Dogs and to many such memorable events.


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