Let’s introduce you to the winner of our ‘Most Photogenic Pet’ contest – Alexander – he is gentle, kind, loyal, playful, and what not! As they say, “Love is wet noses, sloppy kisses, and wagging tails”, for Mridhu, if love had a face, it would look like Alexander! She pours her heart out about the deep and affectionate bond, the two of them share. Here are a few excerpts from the conversation…  

Alexander won our ‘Most Photogenic Pet Contest’. How did you feel when the results were out?

We felt very happy and elated when the results were out. Among many beautiful dogs of different breeds, he being a native breed and bagging the first place was a very proud moment for us.

When did you bring Alexander in your life? Is he your first pet?

Alexander came into our lives in 2018. We have two more dogs. Hitler being our first dog, Alexander is our second, and kalki a female chippiparai is third. All our pets belong to the breed Chippiparai. It is a native breed of sight-hounds from southern Tamil Nadu, which are said to be bred by the royal families of Chippiparai near Madurai district in Tamil Nadu, India. The Chippiparai was and continues to be a symbol of royalty and dignity amongst the Tirunelveli and Madurai rulers. They are known to be fierce hunters and were bred for this purpose solely. 

Is there any story behind his name?

We wanted to keep unique name that is as majestic and beautiful as the breed Chippiparai, so we decided to name him after the great conqueror, The Alexander. 

What difference does he make in your life?

All dogs are angels without wings, and Alexander is an angel in our life! He is a very loving and amazing dog. Ever since he came into our lives, it has become more beautiful and joyful.  We can’t be without him even for a day; we grew very deeply attached. He tends to react to our emotions by cuddling or licking us if we are sick or upset. He is also excellent at communicating. Once when we were sitting in our lawn there was a gas leak in the kitchen, Alexander rushed to where we were, pawed at us, and started running towards the kitchen. He would pause to turn and check if we are following him. And that’s how we realized that there was a gas leak at our home. If not for Alexander we can’t imagine what would have happened that day. He saved the day and also our lives. Our bond is something very beautiful. To experience his love is such a blessing!

Does he have any funny ways or have there been any funny incidents involving Alexander? 

He loves catching dragonflies and butterflies; he would jump around trying to catch them and chase them for hours together. It looks very funny and amusing to watch him do that. He has learnt how to open doors by himself and would scratch at the doors for us to open them. He doesn’t like being chained and when we leave him chained for more than a few moments he starts whining, which sounds as if he’s arguing with us. 

What do you generally feed him?

Alexander’s morning starts with milk. He loves biscuits & pedigree. His dinner is usually boiled eggs and chicken with soup. And, occasionally, we get him pet-icecream.

How do you usually spend time with Alexander? What is his favourite playtime activity?

We usually spend every evening playing with him; he loves playing tug of war with mats and shoes. His favourite toy is his squeeky bone. And he loves going for a walk. Small children in our neighborhood are his dearest friends; they visit him every evening and play with him for an hour. He is very gentle and loves the kids.

How do you choose products for his grooming and hygiene needs?

We take Alexander to a Pet Spa often, where professionals pamper and take care of him. 

Do you like buying accessories for Alexander? From where do you like to buy them – online, offline or any particular store?

We love buying him toys that he plays with our other pets Hitler and Kalki. We usually order online from poochles. 

Which is his favourite hangout place?

His favourite hangout spot is the children’s park and he loves visits to our farm. 

 How is his rapport with Hitler and Kalki?

Hitler has a very majestic personality and is very protective of our house and family. Alexander is our second pet, very loving and caring. Kalki is our third pet – she’s only 8 months old. She is the little baby of our family, very naughty and highly active dog. Watching these three play is just an eye candy! They are very friendly and loving to each other. They are all well-behaved and obedient. Do checkout their funny antics on Instagram @hitty_nd_alex.

Message you wish to convey to other pet parents.

The native breeds deserve more attention and I would suggest pet lovers to adopt or get dog from a native breed like Chippiparai, Rajapalayam, and Combai. They are very loyal, easy to maintain, obedient, skillful, and fierce protectors. And they love their owners more than anything, like all the amazing dogs out there! 

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