In March 2023, I signed into an International project called TAILS OF THE WORLD.  

Tails of the World™ is an international collective of professional pet photographers, all united in a mission to make a difference for animals in need by celebrating our local dogs and fundraising for animal rescues with Tails of the World coffee table books! 

The project is to take photos of dogs in the city that you are signing up from and showcase beautiful buildings, historical sights, and renowned aesthetics with the help of dogs as the subject. 

This year, I realised that this project would put the Indies on a global platform. I made a conscious decision that if I used them for the project, I would only feature INDIE DOGS for the shoots. Indie dogs have never been represented globally on a large scale and putting them on a platform felt like an honour and privilege. I wanted to advocate for Indie dogs through my craft and bring about a conversation starter as to how we can cater to their needs. 

I believe that it’s time for Indies (street dogs that have been adopted) to be represented on a global scale. I want their beauty and uniqueness against the backdrop of beautiful Bombay to speak for adoption. Oftentimes, especially in today’s atmosphere, aesthetics and seeing a creature through a lens of admiration leads to the bigger decisions. While it may seem minuscule, I want more people to be aware of the sense of wonder that indies hold and how much they crave a sense of comfort and security. This project inspired me to take on an advocacy role in spreading the awareness and joy that comes from the Indies through my passion for photography. 

100% of the session fees are being donated to SECOND CHANCE SANCTUARY INDIA – BLR and every photo taken in the shoots will get published in the TAILS OF THE WORLD GLOBAL BOOK that will be available in 2024 March. 

We started selling Indie Calendars in 2020 & within a month raised Rs 25,000/- for charity. It was such a beautiful thing to know we could make a change in so many animals’ lives that we have continued the Indie Calendar tradition every year. Our Indie calendar is a passion project where we aim to give back to society and help those animals in need. It’s the least we all can do for them. Unconditional love needs to be met with unconditional love.  

I hope we all infuse our purpose with our crafts to advocate for creatures in dire need of love and security.

Prathima Pingali

Owner/ Photographer

Pawparazzi Pet Photography

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