A lot of time is spent interacting physically with your pet. You are continuously snuggling, cuddling, playing, hugging, sleeping, training with your pet.  The list is endless, and we all know that our pets are family. Starting a grooming ritual at home is non-negotiable. As soon as your pet comes home, a grooming routine needs to be put into practice. Hence, the importance of grooming cannot be stressed upon enough. Grooming your pet, the right way is a crucial part of caring for your pet, but grooming with the right products, even more so! While you may think vigorous washes with water are enough, they strip the skin off the natural oils that their body produces without moisturizing. Interchanging human products for your pet products is even worse because of the difference in pH levels of their skin. The dog has a skin pH that tends to be neutral or mildly alkaline, around 7-7.5 but human skin has a much more acidic pH, around 5.2- 5.5. Therefore, shampoos or conditioners designed for human skin, or even baby products will be too acidic for dog’s skin and can damage their skin surface, making them prone to infections.

We, at Captain Zack, have a range of recommendations you should look out when providing the best well-rounded care for your pet!A well-groomed pet is not only healthy but, an absolute pleasure to be around.


Bathing should be a relaxing experience. First, make sure the water is warmed to body temperature, gently pour water over the pup starting with the torso and moving to the feet. Use a damp cloth to wash the face without getting water in the pup’s eyes. You may apply an approved ophthalmic lubricant to the eyes to protect them from irritation. Use an approved puppy shampoo and gently lather the coat with firm, slow strokes. Rinse the pup with warm water making sure all the suds are removed. For Shampoos, going natural is the best way. Artificial fragrances and preservatives only go on to irritate your pet’s skin more. Hydrating shampoos with essential oils will not only moisturize the skin but also soothe and rejuvenate it. Antimicrobial shampoos not only serves the purpose but also does away with fleas and ticks! For hydrophobic pets, and to maintain regular hygiene in between baths for all pets, waterless or dry shampoos are recommended. The formula is free from troublesome ingredients and perfectly safe even if licked and swallowed. These gentle spray cleansersare made with its nourishing qualities and natural extracts to give fur a super shine and is safe for everyday use. A good conditioner not only helps keep the coat soft and shiny but also reduces the amount of loose hair from shedding. Shampooing, without sealing the coat afterwards, leaves the hair shaft open where residue can enter and oils and hydration escape. Whereas conditioning after shampooing will close the hair cuticle and restore hydration, moisture, and elasticity. Conditioners formulated with shea butter, jojoba oil and cucumber seed oil for example keeps the coat shiny and healthier than ever.


Pups usually respond positively to a gradual introduction of brushing. First, get your pup accustomed to your touch. Hold your pup while rubbing your hands gently, but firmly, down his back in slow strokes which are more calming than brisk ones. Rub his tummy, legs, and feet. Then rub his neck and ears. Speak quietly to your pup as you massage him. Repeat 5-minute sessions several times a day. When your pup readily lets you touch him, try using a soft bristle brush.When it comes to choosing the best brush for your pet, it all comes down to their coat type and length. The right brush helps distribute natural oils produced by their skin which keeps their coat soft and moisturized. Short and smooth coats do best with a traditional bristle brush while the medium length and longer hair, a wire pin brush is the best option. Your pets paw pads often run the risk of becoming too cracked and dry. Human moisturizer could make the pads too soft leading to injury.


Whether you groom your dog at home or seek the help of a professional, the experience can by scary for pups. The sight, sound, smell, and sensation of electric clippers can be frightful.  Use the hair dryer introduction process for the clippers. When the pup tolerates the sight and sound of the clippers, turn them off before touching them to his coat. Let him feel the weight of the clippers as you gently move them along the growth pattern of the fur. Finally, turn the clippers on and trim a little hair. Keep initial grooming sessions brief. Letting your pet’s nails grow too long can not only scratch you but also be uncomfortable and extremely painful for them. They can dig into the soft tissue of the paw and cause discomfort while running or walking. The right nail clipper should have a safety guard to help you from trimming too low, leading to infections. Trimming their nails too much will cause bleeding and must be ideally done by an experienced professional only. If bleeding occurs immediately apply dry Potassium Permanganate crystals. We don’t just make products to sell; we make products to improve pet lives. Pet lives are short, but Captain Zack makes sure that their short life is comfortable.

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