In the bustling world of culinary arts, where precision and ingredient quality reign supreme, Chef Kunal Kapoor stands out not only for his culinary expertise but also for his unwavering commitment to his furry companions. As the brand ambassador for ITC Nimyle, Chef Kapoor delves into the realm of pet parenthood with the same passion and dedication he brings to his culinary creations. In this insightful story, he shares his thoughts on the importance of cleanliness around pets and offers compassionate strategies for pet parents to ensure a harmonious living space for both humans and their beloved pets.


Chef Kunal Kapoor’s journey into the pet-friendly cleaning space was inspired by a notable void he observed in the pet industry. He recognized that while pet parents diligently cater to their pets’ dietary and grooming needs, the aspect of maintaining a hygienic living environment often takes a backseat. Understanding the significance of safe and pet-friendly cleaning solutions, Chef Kapoor embarked on a mission to raise awareness about the importance of clean floors and home environment for pets.

Creating Clean and Pet-Friendly Floors at Home:

As a devoted pet parent celebrating Pet Day, Chef Kapoor shares his approach for maintaining a clean and pet-friendly home environment. Establishing a regular cleaning schedule, utilizing pet-friendly cleaning products like ITC Nimyle, and setting designated areas for pets are among his key practices. Chef Kunal underscores the importance of safe floors especially for pet parents and ensures that his floors are free from any chemical residue^ with ITC Nimyle, a neem-based floor cleaner which delivers 100% natural action*. He also highlights that while most floor cleaners are chemical based, Nimyle offers natural action and is free from harmful chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, sulphates, phosphates and quats making floors pet and kid safe. By incorporating these strategies into his routine, Chef Kapoor ensures a hygienic and comfortable living space for his furry companions.

Overcoming Cleaning Challenges:

Reflecting on a personal cleaning challenge, Chef Kapoor recounts a scenario where his dog, Brownie, brought muddy paw prints into the house after a rain shower. With determination and the assistance of ITC Nimyle’s neem-based formulation, Chef Kapoor successfully tackled the issue, demonstrating the efficacy of pet-friendly cleaning solutions in maintaining a clean and safe environment for pets.

Choosing Pet-Friendly Cleaning Solutions:

Chef Kapoor highlights the essential factors to consider when selecting pet-friendly cleaning products: safety, efficacy, and environmental impact. By prioritizing products free of harmful chemicals that may cause skin irritations or allergies, he ensures the safety of his pets while also maintaining a clean and environmentally conscious home.

Ensuring Optimum Nutrition:

Drawing parallels between his culinary background and pet care, Chef Kapoor emphasizes the importance of understanding and meeting pets’ nutritional needs. Just as he meticulously selects ingredients for his culinary creations, he applies the same attention to detail when choosing pet food and treats. By prioritizing natural and high-quality ingredients, he ensures that his pets receive a balanced and nutritious diet, promoting their overall health and well-being.

Resonating Emotional Connection:

Chef Kapoor recognizes the profound emotional bond between pet parents and their furry companions. He advocates for products that not only fulfill functional needs but also enhance the emotional connection shared with pets. Whether it’s selecting toys for mental stimulation or grooming products for comfort, Chef Kapoor prioritizes products that contribute positively to his pets’ happiness and emotional well-being. 

Chef Kunal Kapoor’s journey as a brand ambassador of ITC Nimyle and an ardent pet parent exemplifies the intersection of compassion, care, and responsibility in nurturing a clean and safe environment for furry companions. With his insights and strategies, he inspires pet parents to embark on their own journey of pet parenthood with dedication and love.

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