Many things have changed in the post-Covid era. At the International Pet Conference, which will take place on 16 and 17 October in Brussels, the focus will be on how companies in the pet industry can prepare themselves for an uncertain future. 

There are many drivers of change. Omnichannel shopping and personalised interactions are becoming increasingly important. AI and social commerce are likely to bring further changes to the retail sector. Another driver of innovation is advancing climate change: many shoppers, especially from Generation Z, expect companies to take more responsibility for a greener future and improve their sustainability.

How the pet industry is preparing for the future and how it can generate new growth areas in the digital age are key topics at the International Pet Conference 2024. Be inspired by innovative business models from creative and future-oriented companies in Brussels! From companies that are successful because they know their customers’ needs and satisfy them optimally. And who also succeed in constantly motivating their own employees.

New trends

Whether AI or omnichannel, all of these trends are having an impact on the pet industry now and in the future. That’s why it’s important to get to grips with them and work on tailor-made solutions to optimise them for your business. Retailers, manufacturers and suppliers of pet products must adapt to the omnipresent change in the post-Covid era and constantly rethink and improve their strategies.

The Fressnapf Group has been doing this for years and is reinventing itself as part of an ongoing transformation process. The company is turning itself from a product-focused supplier into a care provider that fulfils all customer requirements throughout the pet life cycle. At the International Pet Conference, company founder and owner Torsten Toeller will outline his company’s path and describe the future plans of the innovative and successful specialist retail group.

Another person who has been reorganising her company over a number of years is Polina Kosharna, board chairperson at the Suziria Company Group. She did not do it voluntarily, but was forced to do so by a brutal war. The way in which the Ukrainian wholesale company has nevertheless managed to hold its own, even under the most difficult living conditions, and continue to develop its business is both fascinating and admirable. We can look forward to what is sure to be a rousing presentation.

Other top speakers at the International Pet Conference 2024 include Kim Bill (Unleashed by Purina Accelerator Lab), Wayne Kemp (Casco Pet), Jim Lamancusa (Pet Sustainability Coalition) and Kirsten Ceulaers (Flamingo Pet Products). They and many other industry experts, whose names will be unveiled in the coming months, want to provide impetus in Brussels with their presentations and contributions to discussions and offer conference visitors new ideas.

The competition for the PET worldwide Best Newcomer of the Year has also become an integral part of the International Pet Conference. The competition looks for innovative start-ups that bring a breath of fresh air to the pet industry with creative ideas and new products and services. The winner will be honoured on the evening of the first day of the conference, along with a personality from the pet industry, during an entertaining get-together.

Focus on networking

The International Pet Conference, which has been held every two years at different locations alternating with the German Pet Conference since 2005, is more than “just” an information event. It is an industry meeting point where networking is just as important as fun and entertainment. Here you can exchange ideas with other industry representatives, make new contacts and expand your network in a pleasant atmosphere away from everyday business. Many in the pet industry appreciate this offer and are therefore always happy to come to the International Pet Conference.

Facts about the International Pet Conference on 16 and 17 October in Brussels

Participation fee: € 1,450 plus VAT (if you register by 30 June: € 1,250 plus VAT)  

Hot topics

  • New retail concepts in post-Covid times
  • How the pet industry is becoming greener and more sustainable
  • Strategies for better customer understanding
  • How the pet industry is positioning itself in turbulent times
  • Future prospects for the international pet retail sector
  • AI and social media in the pet industry

The International Pet Conference begins on Wednesday, 16 October, at 10 am. The conference ends on Thursday, 17 October, at 2 pm.

Further and constantly updated information can be found at

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