It was the worst day of my life. I remember hearing my heart thumping in my ears. It was getting louder and faster and I swear, I thought it would explode. It didn’t. Instead, I did, explode into tears. I hadn’t bawled like that ever before. But then, I hadn’t experienced this excruciating pain ever before either. She had broken up with me. The love of my life, who I practically grew up with, decided to move on. It seems she was scared that her parents wouldn’t approve of me. Well but how’s that a surprise? Sadly, a same-sex relationship isn’t exactly widely accepted.

Shreya and I had been friends since class 4. We were always seen together and grew up together. We were always the bestest of buddies.. but as we grew up, we realized there was more to our friendship. We were attracted to each other and all our growing up plans had each other as the constant.  We even picked up our academic stream together so that we live it up in our college life. Yet, here I was. Sophomore year and feeling like I was hit by a bus.

I had never felt more lonely. No one knew about us and so I had to basically deal with this all by myself. Or at least that’s what I thought. Just as I sat on the floor, hands cocooning me and head on my knees, I felt a wet snout on my nose followed by reassuring, aggressive cuddles by Bubbles. My 1-year-old Golden retriever that mummy had gifted me on scoring a distinction in senior school. My maasi’s pet Coco had birthed a litter of 6 and I got lucky with Bubbles.

 Bubbles can’t speak but I do not know of a better communicator. She always knows exactly what I need. She has been with me through thick and thin, unconditionally. That day, she knew I needed hugs and company. It meant the world to me. I hugged her back, pulled her on my lap and together, we sat for a long time. She has been my safe space. My therapy… My home… My unconditional friend.

It has been many years since then and I moved cities, jobs and people. Yet, in each moment of my life, be it happy or sad, Bubbles has been my MVP! In fact, it was Bubbles who helped me propose my partner Sejal. She still quips that she is with me only cus she gets to be Bubble’s mommy!

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