In a world where our furry companions have seamlessly woven themselves into the fabric of our families, the 3rd Indian Pet Industry Dialogue (IPID) organised by Creature Companion Magazine and presented by Drools, emerged as a shining example of innovation. Set against the backdrop of the elegant enclave at The Park in New Delhi, this event, inaugurated on August 4th, transcended the mere confines of a typical industry conference. It blossomed into a convergence of minds and hearts, all dedicated to fostering a more dynamic, inclusive, and prosperous landscape for pet care.

The event was ceremoniously inaugurated by Ms. Linda Brady Hawke, the Convenor of IIPTF, followed by a compelling keynote address from Ms. Luise Bersanetti, the Exhibition Manager of Zoomark.

The inaugural session of IPID was a revelation in itself. Three luminaries in the pet care arena – Satinder Singh, the General Manager of Royal Canin; Dr. Shashank Sinha, the CEO of Drools; and Bharat Pittie, the Director of Orange Pet Nutrition – graced the stage, their shared passion resonating in the air. Their dialogue, a rich tapestry of insights and wisdom, interwove discussions ranging from consumer behaviour trends to the deeply ingrained human connection that pets elicit. They argued that this era is witnessing an unprecedented bond between humans and pets, a bond that catalyses the growth of an entire ecosystem centered around care and companionship.

Following this, a panel featuring Animesh Katiyar, the Founder of Fur Ball Story; Dr. CK Katiyar, CEO of Healthcare at Emami Ltd; and Yash Chari, Director of Rassari Biotech Ltd, took the spotlight. Governed by the moderation of Govind Suryawanshi, Director of Government Affairs, Public Policy, and Advocacy at Royal Canin, their discussion reverberated with optimism. Collectively, they envisioned a future where India’s pet population could swell to a staggering 60 million, encompassing even the beloved stray animals. Rooted in empathy, their conversation emphasized the significance of prioritizing pet parents over mere marketing, sketching a roadmap toward a more compassionate industry landscape.

The narrative of IPID then shifted toward strategic insights, with Animesh Sharma, Associate Director of Growth at blinkit; Ambarish Sikarwar, Business Head of Zigly; and Shubesh Goel, the Founder of Basil Petcare India, taking centre stage. Guided by Monarch Jaiswal of Monarch Web World, their discourse unfurled the complexities of Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) dynamics within the pet care market. Their insights spanned pet food, accessories, and healthcare, offering a navigational compass for traversing this intricate terrain

Subsequently, attention turned to a new breed of influencers – the New Age Pet Influencers. Andrea Cyrill Khurana, Founder President of PPGAI; Achal Gupta, Founder of Jeffurry’s Pet Care; and Sanjeev Kumar, Founder of Scooby Scrub, graced the stage, with Sagar Gwalani moderating the discussion, sponsored by Pettle. These influencers dismantled taboos surrounding the service sector in the pet industry, sharing heartwarming tales of enduring relationships with clients. Their innovative and unconventional approaches to connecting with pets transcended traditional norms, showcasing how this sector is ushering in a fresh era of pet care, characterized by a profound commitment to nurturing the bond between humans and their cherished companions.

The crescendo of intellectual and technological exploration was led by Curtis Strahm, the regional director of Wenger, who demystified the intricacies of Pet Food extrusion technology. He shed light on the elaborate processes that breathe life into pet kibble food, infusing it with high-quality fresh meat and meticulously calibrated parameters.

In a captivating dialogue, Saquib Pathan, the President of the Feline Club of India, and Roshen Verghese, the National Category Manager of Drools Pet Food, navigated the multifaceted journey of felines. They delved into the captivating nuances of their existence and underscored the vital importance of spotlighting their unique needs. Their discourse celebrated the role of these majestic creatures in our lives.

Mrinalini Khusape, Founder and CEO of PawPurrfect; Anirban Chanda, Founder of Onpets; and Garima Kaushal, Founder of Sploot, steered the conversation on the digital age of the pet industry. Moderated by Rana Atheya, the CEO and Founder of DogSpot Meal, they explored the intricacies of digitalization, its significance, and its sweeping transformation across the industry. Together, they peered into the future, envisioning a realm where technology weaves an intricate tapestry of care, convenience, and connection for both pets and their caretakers.

Amid the vibrant audience, a towering figure emerged – Mr. Geeta Seshamani, Vice President of Friendicoes SECA. The thunderous applause that filled the hall served as a standing ovation, a heartfelt tribute to her exceptional commitment to animal welfare. Her wisdom resonated like a timeless melody, her insights unveiling the profound interconnectedness between the pet industry and the well-being of our furry friends.

A dynamic trio – Prabakar, Founder of Taiyo Feed Mill; Dr. Shashank Sinha, the visionary CEO of Drools; and Chetan Kumar – engaged in a riveting conversation guided by the adept moderation of Govind Suryavanshi. Their discourse revolved around a poignant theme – “Make in India for the World”.

In a symposium that delved deep into self-sufficiency, they unravelled the potential of Indian brands not only to thrive domestically but also to emerge as global leaders in the pet care industry. Their words painted a vivid picture of a future where innovation and quality would be synonymous with Indian pet care.

As the IPID journey drew to a close, the spotlight turned to the investor’s perspective. Paritosh Srivastava, Investment Principal of Anthil Venture, and Dr. Madhurita Gupta, Founder of Goangel Network Pvt Ltd., became the torchbearers of this final chapter. Their insights served as the crowning touch, illuminating the dynamic investment landscape that propels the pet care industry forward. They highlighted the strategic intersections where financial viability harmoniously intertwines with the shared mission of enriching the lives of pets.

As the curtains fell on the 3rd Indian Pet Industry Dialogue, it left behind a wake of inspiration, a symphony of voices echoing the aspirations of an industry committed to nurturing not only the physical well-being of our companions but also the very essence of our interconnected bond. The event surpassed the boundaries of a mere conference; it evolved into a canvas where ingenuity, compassion, and collaboration painted a brighter future for the realm of pet care in India.

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