By Divya Punjabi*

Love is all you want to give to your furry bundle of joy. You want him/her to be safe, comfortable, and jolly. Yet, all it feels like is torture when you take your dog for a grooming session in a salon. Torture for them and torture for you because it’s torture for them. 

Why oh why is your pet acting like you’re making them go through their worst nightmare? You only want to do good. When you drop your poor pet at the salon, you reason-you want her clean, you want her/him devoid of any skin infections, and you want her stress-free(from all the tangles and outside heat). So why is it that your intentions and their reactions are forming a basic oxymoron?

There is an answer to this. While your heart-to-heart prep speech to your pet and the treats do their job temporarily, let’s go through how we can make this process holistically easier for us and our pets. Here’s what certified and award-winning groomers at Zane’s Pet Spa had to say: 

Take it slow, steady, and playful. 

  • Once you get your puppy home, and he/she settles into his environment and her/his new family, place him on the table, rub his paws gently with your hand. Invest in a grooming comb or use your own comb, take it through his/her fur everyday. Do this for just five to ten minutes. Hold his chin with your fingers too, for about ten minutes. Pups and grown up dogs are generally sensitive about touch to these areas. Getting them acquainted with touch and action there will make the professional groomers process much, much easier. For cats, practice holding them by the scruff, since nature dictates that their mum carries them in her mouth by the scruff. Another short cut to stress-free grooming.
  • Post vaccination and deworming, consult your vet when it is appropriate to place them in water. Fill a small tub with some water, place his/her favourite toy in the tub too, so he associates water with play. Do this once in ten days, for about ten minutes, to get them used to water on their bodies.
  • Another grooming hitch we as professional groomers face is the loud sounds that come from our strange looking equipment for them. If you have a hand dryer, keep the blower on. You don’t need to dry him/her with it. Simply keep it near their bodies for about five to ten minutes, in order to get used to the sounds. In exchange, she/he will feel safer once he faces the whirs of essential salon equipment.
  • After their third vaccine is done, practice acquainting them with the car. How often have you felt pure delight on seeing a dog stick his head out of the window? Unfortunately, or fortunately, we have to get them used to the car. Quite a few cases end up vomiting or go through serious travel stress. Do this slow and steady too-increase the radius of the drive bit by bit so that it doesn’t overwhelm them.
  • Nail hygiene is an important part of grooming, and if you just get them accustomed to a nail filer by first, holding it near their paws, second, filing just one nail, third, filing all, the experience in the salon will also be pleasant. Ask your neighbourhood groomer to recommend a good filer, give you a quick demo, invest in one and yay you can do the filing anytime you need at home too.
  • Talk to your puppy in a soothing voice. They understand tone and pitch. Your calm and reassuring voice will help them relax and feel secure and safe.
  • Use your hands too-pet your puppy gently during these activities. Gentle petting also helps soothe your puppy. After all, you’re her/his non-birth mother(or father or sister or friend!) Avoid rough petting or handling, because this has a tendency to make them more nervous.
  • Invest in pheromone diffusers. They come in a plug-in form. Pheromone diffusers resemble electronic air fresheners. They simply vary from the wafting of essential oils and instead release synthetic versions of feel-good cat or dog pheromones. They are drug-free, odourless, and create a calm environment for your cats and dogs.
  • For the long-haired-Brush your dog’s/cat’s coat regularly. It helps them get used to this critical element of grooming. If done regularly, it also helps remove dirt, debris, and loose hair. It is very very important for long-haired dogs, since it prevents mats and tangles that could also be a prequel to skin irritation and infections. Removing mats and tangles is an unpleasant process for anyone-we don’t deny that it can’t be done, but prevention is better than the cure.

Zane’s Dog Grooming Cafe is one of the most upcoming places to be for pets and people alike. Zane’s has been named after the founder’s dog Zane, and includes a pet spa and a pet-friendly cafe with a common mission.

It would be very exciting for us at Zane’s to have our readers walk hand in hand with us in the pet sector. The industry in India is growing rapidly, and so are our standards of care. Zane’s is at the forefront of this trend with award winning groomers, a thoughtful non-slip floor for zoomies in our temperature regulated (to beat the Bombay heat) pet-friendly cafe. Top it with offers like a free in-house Zane’s speciality coffee with each groom for every pet that comes in. We also use our in-house grooming range personally for all our grooms. It has been developed keeping chemical free and deep insightful essentials for our pets. It is called Your peace of mind and piece of your heart are in good hands.

We would love to discuss this in depth with you over call, on 9152492637, to book appointments. Or have a look at our Instagram page-zanes.petspa for an inside look at the mew-gic we create.

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