Being raised by a veterinarian father blessed me with a childhood filled with an array of beloved pets. Among them, a delightful family of Pomeranian dogs brought sheer joy and warmth into my life.

Our family always felt full. As we started losing our dogs, grief and emptiness took over our lives. Gullu was the last pet I lost and my brother who is known for never shedding a tear, could not hold his tears back. For the following 4 months, my family was devastated and stressed out. Things turned around for us when we adopted Gucci, another fellow Pomeranian, who walked into my life in August 2022. He brought back the joy in my home. My brother who lives in a different city misses him more than he misses us. He got him a toy from a pet fair and he did not stop playing with it for a second. It was an absolute delight to watch him explore the world around him with a sense of wonder. All we had to do was make him feel safe and comfortable to adjust to his new life. It’s a good thing that my family is experienced in this department and we could not stop showering him with all the love we had to offer.

Gucci is the joy of our lives. He is a foodie through and through. He is never full and wants to eat more even after a full meal. His cuteness and liveliness get us through the most difficult of days. He is always chasing the person who is eating, that’s how much he loves to eat. His ears really stand straight whenever he hears the bell ring which is the funniest yet the most adorable thing to watch. Witnessing him grow up is an exceptionally beautiful feeling and I love spending as much time with him as possible. It is an absolute circus at home on most days, running after her all the time but I would not have it any other way.

Gucci is, without doubt, the most important member of our family and he takes up priority without asking for it because that’s how much we love him. As much as we love him, he never stops barking and that’s how we know he is family because is it really family without at least one annoying trait? But for the most part, he really does get us through the day. Our family is hard-wired to follow a routine catered towards our beloved pet’s circadian rhythm and as tiring as it is, I have grown a soft spot for the things that annoy me because it is him.

Before Gucci, I was set in my ways, especially in the 4 months prior to adopting him, when we were grieving the loss of our last pet. I learned to find the strength to love again, open my heart again, and allow vulnerability in. Having a pet is a feeling that is absolutely irreplaceable but it comes with a requirement to be patient, strong, and in a state to love fully.

His entering my life did just that and so much more to me as an individual. I feel more present, excited, and engaged thanks to my emotional support animal.


Nikita Tiwar, Pet sister to Gucci, has grown up with a deep adoration for dogs. She wishes for everyone to know the joy of experiencing life as a pet owner at least once in their lifetime.

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