In celebration of the pride month, we spoke to some pet parents from the LGBTQ community.

Vrushali had been living on her own for almost 5 years before she met her partner and decided to live-in. She had come out to her parents almost a decade ago and yet, when she moved in, her parents were shocked and shut her out. She missed her family. While Vrushali and Megha started their new life, they longed for something more. That’s when Goofy happened. An Indie that they adopted which they claim has made their relationship deeper and more meaningful. “Goofy is our son. With him, our family is complete. We love spending time with him, teaching him new tricks and being with him is the highlight of our day.”

They are not alone. A number of same sex couples are finding joy, connection and family in furry babies. Rohan, a hair stylist by profession, says, “My partner Deepak and I are committed to each other and wanted a world of our own. Our dog Sultan came to us as a little pup. Contrary to popular belief that are not maternal, we are proud to have raised him as a baby. He is now three and thriving. We plan our travel only to places where he is allowed. Coming home to his love is what makes it so beautiful.”

Kruti, a media professional, also found her heaven in four paws. She and her partner adopted Coco and found new colours of love. “I’m the father, one who spoils with lots of love, outings, and treats while my partner is the mother. Disciplined, takes care of his hygiene – cleaning his ears to cutting his nails. Come evening and we want to rush home to be with him. He has changed our lives. There is a certain peace that only they show.”

They say home is where the heart is. When your heart is a four pawed buddy, you know where to head! Here is celebrating love of all kinds but most of all, the unconditional one.


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