Creature Companion Magazine got an opportunity to have a conversation with Mr. Mradul Goel, Director – Goel Vet. Pharma; he discussed about their company’s inception and the changing face of Indian Veterinary Industry. Following are excerpt from their conversation…

Goel Vet. Pharma is the pioneer of homeopathy in veterinary since 1977. Tell us about how it all started.

Goel Vet. Pharma was established in year 1977 by Dr R. K. Goel, my father and Founder of the company. He was a Homeopath as well as a renowned Veterinarian. He used to give homeopathic medicines to his patients in field conditions. After getting good results, he prepared some excellent formulations of Homeopathic Veterinary Medicines. With the time and his hard work, he established Goel Vet. Pharma in April 1977. 

What challenges did you face in order to overcome the inhibitions of pet parents in administering homeopathic medicines to their pets?

 Nowadays, pet parents are well connected with conventional treatments; however, they are also aware of the side-effects of these chemical-based medicines. As you know, our Homeopathic Veterinary medicines are side-effect-free medicines; our USP is their effectiveness in treating a pet. We get a lot of inquiries about Homeopathic Veterinary treatment for common problems in pets from pet parents. They are satisfied with our quality medicines and easy administration methods.

Over the period how do you think the outlook of field veterinarians has changed towards introduction of homeopathy in veterinary field? 

Veterinarians of 21st century are quite smart, self-learner, knowledge seekers, and creatively searching for new ideas and remedies for the veterinary related problems. They are receptive to Homeopathic remedies as one of the best solutions for animal health problems, especially those which are not addressed by conventional treatments. In last one or two decades, the mindset of veterinarians towards Homeopathic Veterinary medicines has changed and homeopathy is being accepted in regular field practice to enhance results.

Shed some light upon the mission with which Goel Vet. Pharma is moving ahead all determined and dedicated? 

Our mission is to provide the best Homeopathic Veterinary remedies to field veterinarians for better and side-effect-free medication and for the sake of animal life.I would put it this way that for the betterment of our creature companions’ life. We are always motivated by our clients when they find excellent results in field conditions. These results always make us move ahead with all new determination and dedication to help as many pet parents as possible.

Goel Vet. Pharma has come a long way in making its mark in Indian veterinary industry. What is it that kept you going?

 We started from a very small establishment and a few products for Cattle. Over the years, we met with veterinarians and learned their field problems thus new product ideas emerged. We are working hard to provide result-oriented products that can improve the quality of life for pets. We want to assure our Field Veterinarians, Farmers, Pet Parents, Pet Breeders and our beloved Creature Companions that we are continuously working towards providing world class medicines with no side-effects.

What is your vision for Goel Vet. Pharma?

Our new brand name is “Dr. Goel’s” and you will be happy to know that “Dr. Goel’s Homeopathic Veterinary Medicines – A need of time and hour” was the vision at the time of establishment of Goel Vet. Pharma and after a long journey of 44 years, we stand by the vision and guidance provided by our Father and Founder of Goel Vet. Pharma, Late Dr. Ram Kumar Goel. Now, Goel Vet. Pharma is an established name, which is providing best quality Homoeopathic Veterinary Medicines in market and our endeavour is to establish trust in the hearts of people by providing our best services in time to come. We are growing year-on-year and we are confident that we will be able to maintain the momentum.

Do you think homeopathy has managed to come at par with the mainstream medicine in veterinary field?

Not yet, Veterinarians are accepting Homeopathy as a supportive therapy and we are providing ‘a very new approach towards veterinary clinical problems’. Veterinary is a vast field and young minds are fully energized to solve even minute problems by combining experience and knowledge with new revolutionary alternate medicines such as Homeopathy and Ayurveda.

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