A Golden Retriever is a large breed of dog initially bred as a gun dog. It is the most popular breed globally, specifically for being good-natured and friendly, with an eager willingness to please. They are known as ‘retrievers.’ In western culture, they are often considered family dogs.


They make great companions and enjoy human company. Golden Retrievers love to play fetch and tug-of-war with their owners and thrive on having somewhere to go, like for a walk or run around in the park. Golden Retrievers also get along well with children and other dogs, so they might be a great choice if you have kids or another dog at home.


A Golden Retriever puppy would usually range between Rs. 15000 and Rs. 30000, depending on from where you buy this dog. It is easy to find a Golden Retriever in any local pet store or dog show. The price also varies based on the breeder’s location, reputation, and lineage of the puppy.


They are intelligent and easy to train. This breed needs extensive exercise like walks, family playtimes, and more. They need daily grooming with a brush or comb (and scissors to trim the fur between their toes and eyes). Taking care of a Golden Retriever is not an impossible task. They love being with their owners, so they are happy to go on long walks or just hang out with you at home, but they must get enough physical exercise. They are also suited to people who don’t have time for constant training, as they are intelligent and learn quickly. A golden retriever puppy is a very active animal; however, it is prone to hip dysplasia, implying a stricter weight control regime.


Since they love being with people, if you have been looking for a family dog that will be a companion to both you and your kids, this might just be the perfect breed for you!


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