Human teeth should always need to be cleaned twice a day or if they smell unpleasant. We use a certain brand of toothbrush and toothpaste. In addition, we employ a variety of mouthwashes. Do animals ever experience oral issues like tooth decay, bleeding gums, etc.? How do they handle these issues? Also, do pet parents regularly brush their pets’ teeth? Surprising isn’t it? Yet, it’s actually true that regular dental care and grooming of your pets can reduce the health issues of your pets. Hence, before going into the how, let’s go over why brushing your pet’s teeth is crucial and the signs of unclean and unhealthy teeth.

Why Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth Crucial for Their Health?

Every day, the pet in your home is busy chewing everything in its path, including your shoes, the grass, the soil, as well the food you provide. A dog’s dental care is a crucial aspect of its life. Maintaining the health of your fury’s teeth should become a daily practice. The following list includes a few reasons for doing so.

  • Freshening breath: The accumulation of bacteria in your pet’s mouth can lead to poor breath. Your dogs’ breath can be made more pleasant to be around by brushing their teeth regularly.
  • Preventing dental decay and diseases: Dental diseases are among the most prevalent medical problems in dogs, affecting 80% of them by the age of 3 years. Dental conditions can hurt, result in teeth loss, or even trigger infections that might spread to other body areas. Plaque and tartar built-up can contribute to dental disorders, thus regular teeth cleaning can help avoid them.
  • Improving overall health: Dogs with poor dental care may experience major health problems, such as kidney and heart diseases. You can keep your pets healthy and happy by practising good oral hygiene and assisting prevent certain health issues. In some cases, a sick pet will avoid you, refuse to leave its bed and avoid eating food. It can even cease playing and barking due to its dental issues.
  • Saving money: Dental treatments for pets can be expensive, especially if your dog requires teeth extractions or undergo other surgeries because of advanced dental conditions. Routine teeth cleaning can keep your pet healthy and strong, help prevent such issues, and ultimately save your expenses.

Signs of Dental Diseases in Pets

When you don’t care for your pet’s teeth, over time, dental disorders, such as smelling of mouth, bleeding gums, reddened decayed teeth roots and yellowish teeth are a few symptoms that can develop. If the cavities are severe enough, they may even lose teeth.

How to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth?

Cleaning your dog’s teeth regularly is an important routine to prevent serious health problems. Here are the important steps to follow while cleaning your pets’ teeth:

  1. Visit the vet: Ask your vet to recommend a suitable toothbrush and toothpaste for cleaning your pet’s mouth. This is recommended because different types of breeds have different mouth structures. So, the brush you need and the toothpaste you use depend on these factors.
  2. Choose the right toothbrush and toothpaste: You need a toothbrush specifically designed and toothpaste made just for your pet. Never use human toothpaste on your furry friends, it may be toxic to them. You can find these products at pet stores or online only designed for your furry.
  1. Get your dog comfortable: Start by getting your dog used to having his mouth touched. Gently hold their muzzle to lift their lips and show their teeth. Make them comfortable to the touch of the toothbrush.
  2. Start brushing:Put a small amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush and begin brushing your dog’s teeth in a circular motion. First, focus on the outside with just a few front teeth and gradually work up to brushing all their teeth, inside and outside.
  1. Be gentle: Be gentle when brushing your pets’ teeth, as their gums are sensitive. If your dog seems uncomfortable or shows signs of pain, stop and try again later.
  2. Reward your dog: Be sure to praise them and reward them for their collaboration. Offer a treat after each brushing, so they are interested in associating this teeth cleaning activity with positive signs and experiences.
  3. Maintain good dental hygiene: Brush your dog’s teeth regularly, preferably at least once a day. Also, provide your dog with chews or dental toys to help freshen up their breath and keep their teeth clean.

To conclude, remember that regular dental care is crucial for your dog’s overall health and can help prevent many serious health issues later in life. Still after reading this article, if you’re unsure how to clean your furry’s teeth or have any concerns, consult your veterinarian for proper step-by-step instructions.

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