When we say love is a four-legged word, we really mean it. Valentines’ day is the day that celebrates love, friendship, affection, and togetherness. Pets have always been special and our favourite; they have taught us the definition of true love, loyalty, and faithfulness. They haven’t been called man’s best friend just like that; there has always been a reason – a reason that is quite evident. 

The most difficult job in this world is to frame the answer to ‘how did you fall in love with your pet’ within a limited amount of space in a given time; it is something you can keep talking about and there would never be an end to it. We asked pet parents to share their experiences and how they fell in love with their pets.

I fell in love with dogs, specifically indies, when I was a child. I lived with my grandparents ever since I was a child. They had a huge house with many fruit trees that were home to many birds. They also had chickens and two indie dogs. I didn’t have pet dogs after that. I became adamant about getting one after my undergraduate exams were over. It was a tough job to convince my mother but eventually, she gave in and agreed to bring home a pet. It was all smooth and it all worked out like magic subsequently. That same weekend, there was an adoption drive by Fluffynut foundation and I knew I had to go. I had always known that I wanted to adopt; the least I could do was make the life of at least one fur baby better – I had always seen people mistreat strays. 

I planned to adopt a male puppy but as I walked around, I noticed 2 indie female puppies, around 6 months old, sitting alone in the heat while other puppies with colourful ribbons were surrounded by many people. These puppies were rescued from drowning and they were the only two left to be adopted out of the whole litter. The reason why they were not adopted? It was because they were females and they looked too much like strays. 

Marvel, who was the brownie at the time, faced the most rejection because of the spots she had but I knew she was the one. From the moment we met, and the car ride home, she knew we were the ones and we knew she was the one. She trusted us and instantly, it felt as though our family was now complete. She was tired, thirsty and underfed but the most adorable puppy I had seen. As we drove home, she placed her head on my lap and peacefully slept. 

I wanted to show how amazing indies are to the rest of the world and to tell everyone that they deserve to be treated the same way as other pet dogs. I trained Marvel in basic obedience and then sent her to become an Emotional support dog. I am a psychologist, so Marvel and I do therapy sessions together. She loves children and helping people. She also helped a patient that was diagnosed with depression. Marvel was the reason she smiled for the first time in a very long time. She has changed my life and given me unconditional love and support. She is the reason why I advocate for and protect indies.

Shreya Royan

We got Rancho when he was about 40 days old! I fell in love when I saw his picture itself when he was born. Coming back to the say when we got him – The drive back from his birth home was a long one and my tiny baby was in a new environment! He was on my lap and was whimpering. I sang him to sleep and he snuggled close into me and that’s when I first felt that fierce protective motherly love, a love that I’ve never felt before, that this tiny being is dependent on me for warmth, protection, nutrition and love! It was a distinct and beautiful feeling. Very overwhelming – This is my baby and I can fight the world for him! I fell in love with my Rancho even more than not just for his cuteness and good looks but for just him being him… It didn’t matter how he looked or just any other attribute he had… I just loved HIM! I fall in love with him more and more every minute of every day and I know I have the best boy!

Mitali Doshi

My parents, just like all parents disagreed with the idea of bringing home a pet even though I had always loved dogs ever since I was a child. I always used to tell my mum to surprise me by putting a cute puppy in a basket at the doorstep so when the doorbell rings and I open the door, I would get the most beautiful surprise ever. 

On my 19th birthday, during the party, the doorbell rang. At first, I couldn’t see anything but shoes and then my eyes fell on the basket. I couldn’t believe it at first, but I ran to it and opened up the most beautiful and precious present I had ever opened in my life. It was moose. My moose. I couldn’t believe it; it was like a dream come true. He was just a small puppy that was surrounded by new people and a new place. He just crawled next to me, then sat and licked my face. Because it was all new, he couldn’t sleep all night and he cried so I went down to comfort him and sit with him until he fell asleep. That was when we both fell in love with each other and knew that we were meant for each other. 

Dhruvisha Mondhe

My husband and I always debated whether we should get a dog or not. I was completely against it as I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle such a big responsibility and I wasn’t sure I was ready for such a big responsibility. On our anniversary, my husband took me out and he surprised me with Loki. From then, there was no turning back. He was the best surprise of my life. Not only did I fall in love with Loki, but he was also the reason I got attached and started loving all dogs. Every time I see a dog, I cannot control myself and I go mad. That’s the love and revolution Loki has got in my life. Loki is my son now my only son. He has given us the happiness that no one can ever give. The story of his and mine is like a Bollywood story where there is love at first sight, or what I like to call it, love at first bite. 

Rucha Dhore

Smurfi – that’s her name. She’s just different from everyone. We all know the smurfs and we know Smurfi so it’s pretty easy to know what type of a personality she is. In simple words, she is a chota packet bada dhamaka; a packet full of love, cuteness, harmless mischief, care, and jocosity. She entered our house and ever since, it has become a home; home of warmth and plenty of love. Dogs can’t speak but they communicate with their eyes. There is a unique bond between us that lets us communicate with each other; we understand each other and that is what makes our relationship a class apart. There is so much to say about the Smurfi and our friendship that it is close to impossible to even think about where to start. I love you Smurfi the Min Pin. ~SHIRIKA BHATT

Valentine’s day is more than just a day. It is a feeling and it is an emotion. An emotion that is celebrated between countless relationships across the world, among which one of the most special ones is the one between pets and pet parents. 


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