While hoomans have romanced the rains fur-ever, doggos often prefer to stick their noses on the window pane almost as if singing to themselves- Dekho Baarish Ho Rahi Hai! Mera Dil Ro Raha Hai!
This time purr-haps, monsoon will be a different tail, We mean tale:P This year, JUSTDOGS brings to you an exclusive and extensive range of monsoon essentials. We say this monsoon – Puddles and Cuddles!

Our passion and enthusiasm to help you look after your pets has only grown with time. Since it literally rained puppers and kitties in the form of monsoon queries, our founder Poorvi Anthony, decided to answer some while generously parceling pats and belly rubs! Here are a few of them-

Q. Hi Poorvi! First of all I love JUSTDOGS and find JUSTDOGS super helpful in my Pet Parent Journey! As a new pet-parent, I always fall back on your store and staff for the best products and advise. This is my first monsoon with Duke and while I am excited, I was wondering if you have suggestions that could help my 6-month-old Pug to stay active indoors during monsoon? – Rishabh Shah, Hyderabad

ANS – Hi Rishabh! So glad that you find us helpful. Here are some options for monsoon – We have the Nina Ottosson treat puzzle games with different levels; from Level 1, which is for beginners, to Level 5, an advanced level, more challenging for the pets. These games are fun-filled activities that keep the pets busy for hours.

We also have Kong Treat dispensing toys and Kong Classic toys which are all great for playtime with toys in which treats can be stuffed. We also have a newly launched snuffle mat that hides treats and kibbles inside it for lots of fun for pets. Hope you find this helpful. Lots of love to Duke!

Q. Hello Poorvi- As rains approach, I feel kinda nervous as my Golden Retriever- Bozo loves the rain but i can’t handle his wet coat. Please suggest. – Vidit Mahajan, Shimla

ANS – Hi Vidit! Dog raincoats ensure that your pets are dry during monsoon. It is very important to invest in a comfortable raincoat as it ensures dry and clean coat.

You can protect your pet’s paws with the reusable and washable, special rainy paw boots that keep the paws clean, dry and free from ticks and fleas.

Our highly absorbent microfiber towel also helps to dry off your pets in case they get a little wet on their walk. I hope you use these and both you and Bozo enjoy monsoon with Puddles and Cuddles!

Q. Hi! My little husky Shasha needs extra grooming in monsoon. Please help. – Aishwarya Sinha- Delhi

ANS – Hello Shasha’s pawrent! It’s lovely that you keep her up to date. Regular brushing is required to remove any dead fur and it is very important to check for ticks and fleas using a tick and flea comb. Don’t forget to clean Shasha’s ears with ear wipes or ear cleaning liquid. Dental hygiene must also be maintained with the help of dog toothpaste or you can even use dental cleaning sprays/liquids/gels or dental treats.

Take your pets to a spa for wash as it helps in the complete drying of coat using professional dryers meant for pets. Waterless bath can be used in between baths or on everyday basis to clean the coat. Hope Shasha enjoys all of this!

Q. Hi there! I have a burning question. Is there any way to keep their little paws safe and clean during rains?

ANS – Yes! Dog shoes and boots protect the paws from getting wet and catching infection. You can also use Trixie paw care spray or pet wipes to clean the paws after returning from walks. Moisturize the paws using paw balm. If you have a long coat pet keep the fur between the paws trimmed.

Q. Hello Poorvi! I don’t want my doggie- Sunday to catch an infection in the rain and yet enjoy the weather. Is that possible?

ANS – What a delightful name- Sunday! Yes, you can ensure their protection by using raincoats, gumboots and waterproof collar and leash. Ensure daily combing and cleaning your dog with wet wipes and checking their paws. Use Tick and Flea Shampoo and Powder to avoid infections. Microbubble spa helps keeping away any skin disease and helps soothen dogs’ skin. Ensure monthly spa and keep your dog dry with the help of a dryer to avoid rashes and any other infections. Hope this monsoon is epic for you and Sunday!

Well we hope you enjoyed this pawsome chatter. If you are chasing your own tail with some queries, give us a woof on our instagram page and we will be happy to FETCH you solutions!

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