The 13th India International Pet Trade Fair hosted by Creature Companion Magazine witnessed a remarkable turnout that drew in over 7000 passionate pet enthusiasts and featured 162 vibrant exhibitors, igniting a weekend of enlightenment, amusement, and liberation for both pets and their devoted admirers. This captivating event wasn’t just another routine expo; it was a vibrant celebration of the growth and potential incurred by the Indian Pet Industry along with the fun the event had to offer for pets and pet parents.

The event brought together a diverse group of pet lovers and industry experts who showcased a variety of entertaining presentations, leaving visitors amazed and delighted. It wasn’t just for pet enthusiasts, though; it was also a place for businesses to meet and be inspired. The event combined commerce with a sense of camaraderie, where business connections were made amidst a heartfelt celebration of pets.

The event wasn’t just about trade; it was a lively gathering where networking turned into friendships and conversations sparked new ideas. There were also informative seminars and workshops including grooming and training competitions, veterinary awards, and a lot of engaging activities for pets and pet parents.

Exhibitors showcased various products, from vegetarian dog food by Veggie Tales to treats from Taiyo. Tail Blaze even demonstrated the health benefits of their nutrition products with a before-and-after example of a dog’s transformation.

The exhibitor list was extensive and included companies like ABK Imports, Academy of grooming arts, Agro Food Industries,  Aimil, Akira, Allana, Aqua2 Lab, Aquanature, Aquarium Area, Aquatic Venturez, AR Industries, ASA Agrotech, Aura Biotechnologies, B and K Nutrifeeds, Bakson, Bankey Bihari, Bark and Bone, Barking Blends, Basil, Bestie, Biocoll, Birdies, BLEP, Bow- Bow, Branding,Callas, Canes Venatici,Captain India, Caredom, Cature Shield, Creature Companion Magazine, Champion Packaing, Charm Pet Food, Conscious Creatures, Cuckos Pharma, Curigo, DI Plast, Dispose Easy,Dog Sponge, Dog Spot, Dogs and Dudez, DogSee, Dr Pets, Drools, Ektek Pharma, Fabulicious, FCI, Feather, Fetch Pet, Fish Aquarium Home, Fresh for Paws, Fukyfurz, Furball Story, Furr Meals, Furry Buddy, Furry Pet Services, General Audience, Glenand Group, Gluklich, Goe Vet, Good Dog Good Cat, Goofy Tails, Green Aqua, Guts and Glory, Humare Pets, Hasbet, Health Plus Fitness, Himalaya, HNN & Company, Horizone, HSM Packaging, HUFT, IIPTF, India’s Best Fish Food, Influx, Innomalous, Kanodia World P Ltd, Katyani, Kemin, Kennel Kitchen, Kennel Pet Products, Kocho Japan, Kumar Engineering work, Laddoo’s Cakery, Lica Pet Products, Lxit Vet, M&K, Madam, Mealberry, MS Pets, Mutt of Course, MyTailMate, Naaz International, Neopets, New Century, Nootie, Ocean Treat, Orange Pet Nutrition, Orange Pet Nutition, Orange Pet Nutrition Tetra, Ostech, Paw Booster, Pawingclaw, Pet Care Petsway, Pet Clean, Pet Food Planet, Petfarm Global, Pets Empire, Pets on Wheels, Pettle, PetYum, Petz House, PG Pet, PIDMO, Pioneer Hygeine, Pisces, Planet Pet, Planet Pet Food, PPGAI, Pride Agro, PS Vat Pharma, Pupscribe, PupStar, Raj Exports, Rayannant, Remedio Vet, Royal Canin, Scoobee Pet Foods Pvt Ltd, Scoopy Scrub, Shivam Polymers, Shobana Enterprises, Shreepadma, Signature, Sai International,Smarty Pet, SNB Enterprises, Something Fishy, Soul Lick, SS Imports, Star Farms, Swiss Pac, SYS Vet, Tail Blaze, Taiyo, Taiyo Discovery, Tara Implex, Thunder Tails, TopFurs, TPL, Trigon Digipack, United Petfood, Unleash, Value Pets, Veggietails, Vesper Pharma,Vetmed, Virbac, Wenger, Whoof Whoof, and Zoomaark.

As the event came to a close, it left behind a feeling of happiness and connection, highlighting the special bond we share with our pets. The 13th India International Pet Trade Fair was more than just a trade show; it was a celebration of the love for pets and the business opportunities they bring.

ABOUT IIPTF: IIPTF is the only pet trade fair in the Indian Subcontinent, which is the biggest pet event in India. IIPTF is a B2B (Business-to-Business) exhibition. It has a wide range of pet products, along with being a platform for pet-pertinent services from all across India as well as from overseas. IIPTF, as an endeavour, aims to spread awareness of the Indian pet market’s potential, amongst the industry members.

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