Growing up all I wished for was a dog, a cute little furball…. In 2013, after my graduation results were announced, my parents (who were never ok with me having pets!) told me to choose any pet that I wished for and, they promised to get it for me.

Immediately my search for a hypoallergenic pup started. The first time I saw Smurfy, it was an immediate connection and I knew that is going to be my fur baby. As soon as I held him, I was overwhelmed with puppy kisses. After bringing him home, I was perpetually mesmerised by his goofiness. Most nights, I would feel scared to sleep thinking what if he wanted something or was scared and what if I wasn’t around to make him feel comfortable?

After Smurfy coming into my life, within few months I had to leave for Pune to pursue my Post-graduation. I missed him terribly. Every weekend I would make it a point to visit Mumbai (home) just to spend time with him. It was a rough 2 years where we got to spend very little time with each other, but it was totally worth it.

Smurfy and I share a bond that is very difficult for me to put down in words. A couple of years back, I was going through the roughest patch in my life and with me was my baby boy through thick and thin, loving me unconditionally and being my strongest support. He taught me to be strong and responsible.

I got married in 2017 and got Smurfy with me to my new house. For my husband and my in-laws, he was the first pup ever. They have been spoiling him to bits. Every time my mother-in-law goes on a shopping trip (read even for groceries) she would make sure to bring him a toy or a packet of treats. He is the most pampered baby in the family.

To describe, Smurfy is a very obedient pup, who is extremely social with other dogs and humans likewise. We spend our fun times going on road trips, visiting parks, playing fetch, or just watching tv together. My husband and I make it a point to at least take Smurfy and his siblings on a vacation once a year. As a family we look forward to going on vacations with our fur babies.

While Smurfy was growing up, I didn’t know much about a healthy diet and fed him mostly commercial dog food or imbalanced homecooked meals. I didn’t know the importance of a species-appropriate diet. Smurfy developed an intolerance towards chicken and would keep having rashes all over his body. No medicines prescribed by vets helped. Eventually, in 2020, I decided to get certified as a Canine Nutritionist. I am very happy to say that with a balanced and species-appropriate diet, Smurfy is thriving and has completely recovered.

Over the last 5 years, we have had more additions to our family and now from 1 fur baby, our family has become a family of 6 fur babies.

With every addition, we made sure to give Smurfy the same importance and love. He has been the best older brother to all his siblings and also disciplines them, if they get too naughty. He loves his siblings beyond words and is extremely caring toward them.

In a couple of months, Smurfy is turning 10-years old. Each passing day my boy is getting slower and spends most of his time sleeping, but watching him being comfortable and snoring with his tongue out, or seeing him play fetch with his siblings in the evenings is the highlights of our everyday lives. Our baby boy is growing up by the second and we are trying our best to create the best memories possible.

I am lucky to have found the best graduation present indeed.


Shruti Valiya!

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