By Priyanka Paul*

“Happiness is a warm, squishy, cuddly, and goofy puppy!”

When I say these pups have magic in their eyes, I mean it.

Let me introduce you to Ding and Dong, named by my client’s 3-year-old daughter! They are as quirky and goofy as their names sound. This was my first time with puppies as young as 60 days old. Having previously worked with 20-day old kittens, I thought my job would be easy.

But oh my God! these Frenchie’s have the energy of a thousand jelly fish.

Ding and Dong are the perfect sisters and they wouldn’t let me split my attention. 

To handle these tiny munchkins was a task, but it involved a lot of laughter and new discoveries, like how Ding loves to lie on her back and receive massages while Dong falls asleep on any warm surface. She fell asleep on my palm and I didn’t have the heart to wake her up! But when she did, her beautiful blue tinted eyes were just so captivating. 

Since they were so tiny, the only props that seemed to be appropriate were a fluffy/cozy white pillow, tiny baskets, and a lot of towels. Of course, they peed on it and I accidentally stepped on their poop, but am I weird if I found that absolutely adorable?

They didn’t fail to amuse me with their personalities and I have to say that cuddling and kissing them endlessly until the shoot ended remains one of my favourite memories till this day. The shoot went on for 2 hours with a lot of breaks because I didn’t want to exhaust them. We got some amazing photos of them being such absolute stunners. They’re young puppies and their attention span is less than 2 seconds; to keep them in a place for longer than that was a task. To get their attention and to keep them steady we had to give them something to chew on – in this case ‘fingers’. While they happily nibbled on my clients’ fingers, I took the opportunity to get some amazingly cute shots that could be cherished forever. 

It all comes down to that one moment, one look in that one millisecond to make beautiful memories and I am so glad to have been presented the opportunity to photograph these balls of energy. 

Their mother Zia, whom I had photographed earlier was present throughout the shoot looking out for her healthy babies. Needless to say they got it all from their mother!

The whole process was so new, delicate, and exciting, and my pocket-sized models absolutely rocked it!!

*Author is the founder of OneShutterMoment. Her passion for photography and love for pets has been her source of inspiration to begin a professional pet photography service. She began OneShutterMoment in the year 2020 while she was working as a product and fashion photographer.


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