Kangal Dogs select to prevent predators but will take a physical philosophy and even pound if important. Kangal canines are instinctively wary of unfamiliar canines but are typically not aggressive toward humans. They are somewhat reticent around strangers but loyal and compassionate towards family.

About Kangal Life

Recommended for: livestock protection and pastoral families with expansive properties

Maintenance Level: Medium

Duration: 12 to 15 years

Character: A devoted and protective protector of livestock, familiar humans, infants, and household creatures.

This breed has a lower likelihood of developing health problems over the course of its lifespan but is more prone to accidents and cruciate problems. It is also one of the more affordable breeds to insure

Kangal Breed Overview

Originating in Sivas, a distant region of Turkey, the Kangal canine is an ancient and traditional livestock guardian breed. Kangal is an extremely pure species with a brief narrative of interbreeding. This enables a breed standard that explicitly defines the characteristics determining whether an animal is purebred.

The Kangal has a large and moderately wide cranium, drooping ears, a dark muzzle, and a coiled tail carried up the back; when viewed from the side, he has a distinct silhouette. His double coat is moderately short and highly dense. Most of his body is a consistent shade of tan, with a black muzzle and black-tinged ears constituting a significant breed characteristic.

According to breed standards, brindle or white on the body or silky coat are prohibited, whereas solid white markings on the limbs or torso are acceptable.

This canine can appear intimidating due to its enormous size and powerful, muscular physique. Males can reach 85 cm in height and 65 kg in weight, while females are marginally smaller.

Although large, Kangals are typically more agile and athletic than other gigantic varieties. However, one glance into their sunken brown eyes reveals that they are docile giants, despite their imposing exteriors.

Kangals are predictable, dependable, loyal, and protective by nature, despite their aggression towards predators; as such, they make excellent partner and companion dogs who are delicate with livestock and children.

Personality and temperament

The Kangal’s temperament is placid and docile, and his nature is loyal, caring, and protective. He is a dependable protector of adults, children, and family creatures that he considers part of his group and livestock.

The original proprietors

The Turkish shepherds, the original proprietors, and the Kangal breeders ensured their canines would not exhibit aggression towards familiar humans or livestock through selective breeding. As the shepherds could not afford to lose their livestock, this behaviour would not be tolerated; therefore, it is absent from the breed.

Kangal Ability

The well-raised Kangal is devoted to its master and will obey any command he issues. Their ability to defend their herd aggressively is innate, and they need no training for this task. They are reticent with strangers but intelligent enough to know when to calm down, menace an adversary, or attack a perceived predator.

They are extraordinarily sharp canines that can adapt to their environment and are constantly vigilant for peril. They develop a sense of independence at around 2 years old, when they begin to think independently without their owner’s assistance. Therefore, it is essential to establish your position as pack leader while your Kangal is still juvenile. This is the most effective method for ensuring that he will continue obeying your commands as he develops and discourages unwanted behaviour.

About Kangal Training

Conventional dog training techniques are generally unsuitable for livestock guardian canines; therefore, your role with your Kangal may be primarily supervisory, rewarding him when he demonstrates serenity, even-temperateness and discouraging aggression. He must be exposed to unfamiliar sights, sounds, scents, people, and animals as a young canine to develop a placid disposition.

Kangal Facts!

The Kangal was previously known as the ‘Anatolian Lion’; it is also understood as the Kangal Shepherd, Kurdish Kangal, Turkish Kangal, and Kangal oban Kopei. According to legend, the first Kangal was developed from a lion during the time of the Assyrians, ‘explaining’ why some consider the dog’s visage to resemble that of a lion!

In Conclusion

The Kangal is a loyal and protective breed that requires a knowledgeable owner who can provide appropriate socialisation and training. They can be exceptional family companions and working canines with proper care and attention.

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